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All Pony Club competitions are team competitions called Rallies. Team competition is a fun and important part of Pony Club education and training, and is a strong bonding element. Rallies include; Horseless Rallies (where members use model horses to learn the ropes of team competition), Quiz Rallies (where members use their horse management knowledge to compete in a battle of the brains), and riding Rallies for all ages. Members over the age of 10 can compete in regional Rallies in many disciplines to qualify for Championships competition. For members who wish to commemorate just how far they have come, there is also a badge program available where members earn patches to place on saddle pads, jackets, ribbons, and vests to show their Pony Club  progress.

In Pony Club you will attend mounted and unmounted meetings where you will learn all about how to care for horses and ponies, as well as learn how to ride. Everyone begins Pony Club at the same level. As members learn and develop at their own pace, they have the opportunity to progress through the Pony Club Certification system. Certifications are how members show their progress through levels of riding and horse knowledge. Certifications go from grassroots skills at the D-level, all the way up the most advanced A-level. 

Pony Club is for horse-crazy kids like you who want to hang out with friends, learn to ride, and have a great time. Meet up with other members like yourself, and spend time learning about horses and ponies, their care, and health. Whether you like to trail ride, compete, or just hang out at the barn, Pony Club can start you on the path to a life with horses. 

Serving the Park City, Utah region, including Summit and Wasatch Counties.


  • Outstanding Educational Program based on US Pony Club Standards of Proficiency of core curriculum and clear progression of skills in riding and Horse Management. 
  • The USPC Manual of Horsemanship D Level and a Pony Club Pin. (New Members)
  • Mounted and Unmounted Meetings and Educational Programs held twice a month at alternate locations throughout Park City and Heber Areas. (You must provide or arrange for transport of your horse to and from Club unmounted meetings)
  • Referrals to Pony Club Affiliated Trainers and Facilities for horse leases or purchases and training or lessons. Affiliated Trainers teach Pony Club educational material and support members in preparing for Club Certifications. 
  • Ratings are offered at least twice a year and more often if the number of candidates warrants it.  are offered rate through the Pony Club levels. 
  • Access to National and Regional Competitive Rallies and Quiz, Local Clinics, and other equestrian events at an additional fee based on event. 
  • Fun and friendship
  • Members become knowledgeable equestrians in the care of horses and ponies; Horse Management and the well rounded horse person. 


Step 1.  Complete  Membership Application - New members only.  Renewal Members need to do this online at

Step 2. Mail application to Brandy Skylling 8037 Long Rifle Rd. Park City, UT 84098. Please make sure you sign and date at the bottom of each application. THIS IS FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY.  Renewal members to not have to do this.  Renewal member need to renew online with nationals.  Please leave the upper left hand portion of the application for the Club to fill out. 


Step 3.   Make One Payment of for Club Dues including ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS

              - National Dues: $155 New Member, $145 Renewal Member. Renewal members pay national dues to directly to National Pony Club online. 

              - Intermountain Region Dues: $30.00

              - Park City Pony Club Dues: $50.00

              - Park City Pony Club Sponsor Fee: $25.00 - minimum one Sponsor (parent) fee per member


Payment Options

1. Pay by Check  - Make Check to Park City Pony Club and Mail To: Brandy Skylling 8037 Long Rifle Rd. Park City, UT 84098.


2. Pay by Pay Pal with credit card. will be an additional processing fee for each Pay Pal transaction as we pay 3% on transactions.